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Nariz de cera

anotações e apontamentos que dizem tudo - de, por e para mim - por si mesmos.

anotações e apontamentos que dizem tudo - de, por e para mim - por si mesmos.

Nariz de cera


e ao costume, nada a dizer


"Anita," Fergus said, turning to her. "This is a hell of a world we live in."

"Oh, I know," Anita said casually. She nodded. "Yuh, I know." She added, "Always has been, I suspect."

"Do you think so?" Fergus asked. He looked at her through his sunglasses. "Do you think it has always been this bad, really? It seems to me like things are getting crazier."

Anita shrugged. "I think they've always been crazy. That's my view." [...]

After another few moments he said, "Things all right with you, Anita?"

She gave a sigh that made her cheeks expand for a moment. "Nah." She looked both ways on the road and said, "Gary's been a mess since he got laid off, and that was a few years ago, and my kids are crazy." She looked at Fergus and made a circle around her ear with her forefinger. She said, "I mean, they are really crazy." She shook her head. "You know what my oldest son is into? He watches some Japonese reality shows on his computer where the contestants sniff each other's butts."

Fergus looked over at her. "God," he said. Then he said, "Come on, Anita, the world has certainly gotten crazier."


Elizabeth Strout – Olive, Again (2019)
Penguin Random House UK (2019)




M. (16.01.2014)




Filhos? Filhos
Melhor não tê-los
Noites de insônia
Cãs prematuras
Prantos convulsos
Meu Deus, salvai-o!
Filhos são o demo
Melhor não tê-los . . .
Mas se não os temos
Como sabê-los?
Como saber
Que macieza
Nos seus cabelos
Que cheiro morno
Na sua carne
Que gosto doce
Na sua boca!
Chupam gilete
Bebem xampu
Ateiam fogo
No quarteirão
Porém que coisa
Que coisa louca
Que coisa linda
Que os filhos são!


Vinicius de Moraes

filha aniversariante





Mother with child 

Léon-Jean Bazille Perrault



One day I'll come swimming
beside your ship or someone will
and if you hear the siren
listen to it. For if you close your ears
only nothing happens. You will never change.

I don't care if you risk
your life to angry goalies
creatures with webbed feet.
You can enter their caves and castles
their glass laboratories. Just
don't be fooled by anyone but yourself.


Want everything. If you break
break going out not in.
How you live your life I don't care
but I'll sell my arms for you,
hold your secrets forever.

If I speak of death
which you fear now, greatly,
it is without answers.
except that each
one we know is
in our blood.
Don't recall graves.
Memory is permanent.


Michael Ondaatje - To A Sad Daughter 

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